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I Started this company in June 2019, I wanted to have a brand that has something for every woman. What gave me the push to open this business is the naysayers that told me you can’t make money owning a clothing brand. This have me that drive to go harder than before.

I have the dopest sunglasses selections that you can find at affordable prices.

I specialize in plus size clothing because I have a lot of plus size women in my family and they express to me that it’s hard to find clothing. I’ve changed that for them. I will be launching my own designs in 2021, plus size collection as well. I love jumpsuits and dresses so you’ll see that in the collection next year.  Owning this brand has warmed my heart to see women happy with their purchases. I’m glad to know I was able to do that. I love what I do in this little time that I’ve been open. I’m not just into getting a sell. It’s about the customer and their needs I want to be able help them find what they need and want so they won’t have to look elsewhere. I go as far as getting the product they’re looking for.

I want to have my customers feeling great about themselves when they buy and even put on the merchandise. This is what makes me different from the rest


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